Our Mission is a Healthy Community

Krishna Ram Ayurvigyan Shodh Sansthan, more popularly known as KRASS, is a charitable organization established in February 1994. The sole aim of creating this trust was to find ways and work for improving the quality of life of the people consisting our immediate society. The method that was adopted by the trust for bringing about this change was by gathering a research team, which could identify and find remedies for those diseases that were prominent among the masses, but had a very small success rate for cure with the currently available treatments.

This research lead to birth of a unique method for treating people in the form of AAY(A optimal combination of Allopathic, Ayurveda and Yoga). This AAY approach gave us an extremely unique way of curing these diseases and we started achieving significant success. We developed the use of an optimal mixture of oriental and occidental treatment to alleviate the sufferings of some difficult to treat disorders.

We then took our research to the common people and started organizing social, cultural and educational seminars, meetings workshops, and training camps, which were free of cost, in the rural regions in Rajasthan. We believe that our treatment can cure people and hence must be provided to all who require it. Apart from treating the regular patients, we also providing free consultation and subsidized medicines and drugs to the poor and needy. The efforts are still in place and we are quite active in reaching out for medical care to the remote areas of the state. Our main aim is to make people of India free of diseases and make them healthy. We focus on treating the diseases for which we have gained an expertise in curing. We look forward to increase our efforts in this area and cure as many people as possible. We believe that we have many milestones to cross before we can make a significant difference in the society.

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